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Are your glasses lenses fogged up because of the mask?

The use of the mask brought a problem for those who wear glasses, lenses fogged up. Olhar de Prata has the anti-fog spray for you! Discover our anti-fog solutions.

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Why do we get our glasses fogged up with the mask?

When there is a temperature shock between the hot air we exhale and the surface of the graduated lenses, which is cooler. Masks accumulate hot air, which in turn increases condensation on our prescription glasses, causing fogging.

How to wear a mask without fogging up the glasses lenses?

If you wear glasses, you know how annoying it is when the lenses fog up, making your vision difficult. There is a solution to the problem: anti-fog spray and a cloth for the glasses. The ZEISS AntiFOG Kit is an effective solution to prevent your lenses from fogging up without damaging them.

Olhar de Prata has for you the anti-fog spray, the Zeiss anti-fog, which will put an end to the problem of fogged up glasses!

For those who wear glasses, the use of a mask sometimes has a problem: the glasses become fogged up, leaving you unable to see clearly and clearly. The best is the anti-fog spray, the anti-fog Zeiss because it has an immediate effect, just spray the lenses and clean with the cloth (which comes with the kit) and use without any complications.

This solution turns out to be:

  • Effective and fast;
  • Prevents fogging in a safe and tested way;
  • It does not cause damage and distortion to the lenses.

The ZEISS Anti-fog Kit protects the lenses of all your glasses from fogging up caused by moisture, keeping your lenses clear for up to 72 hours.

Each Anti-Fog Kit contains:

  • 15 ml Ssem pray Anti-embaciamento
  • Pano Anti-Fog, 13x13cm

When using Anti-Fog you will have a clear vision without any fogging up!


Are your glasses lenses fogged up because of the mask?

The use of the mask brought a problem for those who wear glasses, lenses fogged up, however at Olhar de Prata you find the right solution to defog your glasses without damaging them. Zeiss has developed Kit Anti-Fog so that your mask doesn’t cause the trouble of fogged up lenses. Discover anti-fog solutions.

Where can I buy the anti-fog spray?

All of our Anti-Fog Spray products are available in our physical stores and on-line. If you have any questions, you can contact us via (+351) 21 351 32 30 or loja@olhardeprata.pt.

How long does it take for the anti-fog (aka anti-fog) spray to arrive?

When placing an order on the official website of Olhar de Prata, your anti-fog spray will take between 24h to 48h, to be delivered on working days. However, any question about the shipment or your order, we recommend contacting our technical support through the (+351) 21 351 32 30 orloja@olhardeprata.pt.

Is there a guarantee for Olhar de Prata in relation to the Zeiss Anti-fog?

All products sold at Olhar de Prata have a guarantee, get to know our condições de garantia.


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