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Exams and Services

Olhar de Prata aims to ensure the eye health of our customers, combined with the exclusivity of some brands and the vanguard of fashion and luxury.

The services are equipped with high technology and because there are no equal customers, we have technicians who provide personalized and exclusive service, with technical and aesthetic advice of the best solution for you.


Measurement of the internal pressure of the eyeball.


Do you need glasses or contact lenses? Book your exam now at one of the stores. Our eyes do not work in the same way, we all have different visual…


Did you know that there are different brands, sizes, diameters, curvatures and materials of contact lenses? Only through a careful and precise analysis can you make the most of perfect…


They are equipped with the best cutting and lens mounting machines, our laboratories are capable of carrying out all jobs accurately and perfectly. We have professionals with specialised and constant…

Personalized and exclusive service

All our customers are unique and special to us. Our products are chosen taking into account your wishes, needs and values. Our team will identify the best product taking into…